Valley-Wide Elite Gymnastics

Valley-Wide Elite Gymnastics

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class rules

  • Parents are allowed in class, if they are respectful.
  • Gymnasts cannot wear jewelry during training.
  • We encourage the use of good hygiene.
  • Students should have bare feet; socks are not allowed due to slipping.
  • If gymnast is absent during the session they paid for and would like to make up the class, gymnast has 30 days from the absence to make up class at any other location.
  • Cell phones must be in silent mode.
  • Parents are requested to discipline their child.
  • If a check bounces, there is a $25.00 charge, plus a $10.00 late charge.
  • If parent wants a refund a $25.00 charge is taken out of tuition and registration fee is non refundable.

If any of the rules are broken, Valley-Wide Elite Gymnastics has the right to refuse service.

dress code 

  • male Gymnastics: Elastic Gym Shorts, Fitted Blue T-Shirt, Tank Top, and Warm-Ups.  
  • Female Gymnasts: Leotards (Please Coordinate color leotard with gymnast class) and Gymnastic Shorts (No Tights Unless Footless).
  • Kinder Gym: Green Leotard or black shorts.
  • Gymnastics 6-8 yrs: Red Leotard or black shorts.
  • Gymnastics 9-11 yrs: Orange Leotard or black shorts.
  • Monday & Saturday Tumbling: Pink Or black Leotard & Black Shorts
  • Rhythmic Gymnasts: Black Leotards, Black Shorts, and White Socks
  • Competition Gymnasts: Elite Red & Black Leotard & Black shorts. May wear Any Valley-Wide Elite       Gymnastics T-Shirt over Leotard.
  • Competition Rhythmic Gymnasts: Elite Red & Black Leotard & Black shorts.  May wear white ankle socks instead of rhythmic gymnastics shoes to practice.